Thursday, September 08, 2011

Art Shows, Past and Present

The Gun Show at the WPA is technically still up. Though the run ended on Sept 2, they are busy with organizing Options 2011 and preparing for the (e)merge arts fair, and I am busy getting work ready for Options 2011... so it is still up through Monday, Sept 12. Buck Downs had some nice things to say about it in a rather thoughtful review, and I was fortuante enough to have the exhibition selected in weekly round ups on DCist, WAMU, and Washington City Paper (for whom I also write).

I mentioned Options 2011, curated by Stefanie Fedor, formerly the Assistant Director of the AU Museum Katzen Gallery, and the new executive director at Arlington Arts Center (AAC). I'm still finishing up a project where I hire day laborers at a Home Depot to assist me for half an hour; together we make up one hour of labor doing manual carpentry tasks. While we work I ask them about their treks to the U.S., their working conditions, their experiences, home life, and so forth. The only remaining document is the labor. the show opens next week, September 15.

Speaking of AAC, Planning Process, curated by Helen Allen ((e)merge, PULSE), is still up and running through September 25. There I have a bunch of erased newspapers. When I installed the work in their Tiffany Gallery, a couple came in to set up a birthday party for their daughter's sixteenth. The husband took special interest in the erased Minneapolis Star Tribune and pointed it out to his wife. Transplants from Minnesota, I asked what brought them to DC. "Oh, she's the Senator," her husband replied. Sen. Amy Klobuchar, MN (D) then introduced herself.

Erased Newspapers are also part of a show at CCBC, Catonsville, titled "Text Me: the Art of Words." They are also exhibiting a few series of Four Letter Words.

And, finally, Moment of Zen is on display at Brentwood Arts Exchange.

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