Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Flash Suppression: Getting Ready for a Gun Show

Last September Maura Judkis at broke the news that I was planning to do a gun store for my next project (so was Cory Oberndorfer... my ambitions alone do not garner media attention, but two = trend (sorta... anyway)). Currently I am preparing material for the exhibition, which is slated for exhibit at the Washington Project for the Arts on August 12.

The last several months I have been collecting data, and one of the goals is to make several Flash animations illustrating where violent crime (with a gun) occurs within Washington, DC. Needless to say I am learning a lot about the program Flash.

Top 3:
1 - Flash has a limit of 16,000 frames; it will not publish anything over that quantity. My project looks at 5 years of violence in DC (Jan 1, 2006 - Dec. 31, 2010), and I had dedicated 10 frames per day, at 30 frames a second, which resulted in over 18,000 frames (for a total running time of just over 10 minutes). Fortunately I was not far along in my construction, and I needed to rebuild. Shaving 2 frames off of each day dropped the total below 15,000 frames. Score!

2 - Sometimes text does not animate very well. At least, it might not when exported to a Quick Time Movie. In an early test, all of my text disappeared. This would include counters for date and crime, which comprises an abundant amount of content in these videos. I attempted to break apart the text, and that appears to have done the trick.

3 - Exporting to Quick Time Movie is ridiculously slow! I have yet to search for a solution to that problem, but needless to say, it is quite aggravating. A video that is less than 9 seconds in length takes several minutes to export to QTM. Imagine how long that export rate will take when the full 10(ish) minute video is completed! I could tour Italy for a week!

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