Saturday, February 20, 2010

There Is Nothing Original

In an effort to merge procrastination and productivity, I took a break from preparing work for my upcoming spring solo at Arlington Arts Center and took a look at, segued directly to the art/design section, and discovered a poster for the ingredients of a pizza pocket. Immediately I was reminded of my friend's work at Ork Posters, and was so charmed by the work that I clicked on the artist/designer's (Justin Perricone) website. Lo-and-behold! After navigating to the blog section I discovered (much to my pleasure and chagrin) that he too delves in the appropriation of typography from product logos.

His Alphabet
My Alphabet

More are in the works on my end, and I can assume the same is true on his end. Truth be told, this was a project I hoped to have completed mid 2009 - but with a rejection from Flashpoint to exhibit the work (on the merits that it was too "graphic designy" (their words)), I postponed the alphabets project because others took priority.

The other night I made a list of projects in process and projects I have conceptualized, just haven't started. At present, the total hovers near 20, discounting the Maintenance Required project (to show at AAC in April - a continuation of broken hydrant documentation within our nation's capital), and my Jobs Creation Project (hopefully I'll get in gear and begin distributing Jobs in mid March (more on that later)).