Sunday, February 24, 2008

Recent Exploits

About a year ago I was charged with the responsibility of rebuilding and updating Katja Oxman's website. It was a casual assignment that was completed a couple weeks back.

In addition, a recent essay (ramble?) of mine has been published on the blog Kill Film Students. Most of those associated with the blog are former students of mine at American University, and in the last five months I've assumed a sort of advisory role and solicited critic of their projects. The ramble deals with the need for art students to grasp their education and shake of the malaise of latent adolescence. It comes about from conversations I have had with several students I have taught at the three universities where I have taught and reflections on my own art education, which tie to things heard recently on various shows on National Public Radio. Of course, since these are film students, there is a heavy slant toward cinema.

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