Thursday, February 14, 2008

On The Horizon

January succumbed to the boondoggle otherwise known as application season, wherein I devoured a considerable amount of time and energy applying for F/T professorships, exhibitions, awards, and residencies. February has since lost production time to that miser influenza: herbal teas, acetaminophen, long naps, and spoon-fulls of chicken soup. Regardless, this has also been about the most productive I have been in the studio in months.

In November, for a plethora of reasons, I decided to decline most adjunct teaching offers I received so I could freelance as a graphic designer throughout the semester. This might seem contrary in some regard, but so doing created the long missed free-time that teaching had consumed. In effect, teaching 5-6 courses/semester between 3 universities usually created a 60-hour + work week. And, since teaching doesn't pay very well, a little extra work had to be done on the side to make ends meet. This left only time for thinking about art. Doing 25 hours of freelance a week (and 12 hours devoted to academia) not only pays better, but allows me to work on painting, drawing, and digital media.

Now, the four or five projects I have been stewing over for the past 13 months can finally be executed - or at least begun. One notebook has already been filled with presketches. Talking about the work to come is like a catcher discussing a no-hitter with his pitcher during the seventh inning stretch. This blog won't be very busy, needless to say - but there will be new images posted this spring.

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