Monday, January 07, 2008

I Love DC

A Story Problem for the Modern Mathematician.

I live within ear shot of the D2-bus, and a 6 minute walk of Wisconsin Avenue, where I can find half a dozen 30-buses. Leaving Canal and Wisconsin, and seeing no bus in sight, I decide to walk to Q street where the aforementioned buses intersect. It takes me 8 minutes to walk the distance of .5 miles. At the intersection of Q and Wisconsin I wait... and wait... After 16 minutes of waiting, two 30-buses finally arrive. It takes 4 minutes to travel the distance between Q and Calvert, whereupon I take 6 minutes to walk home. 2 minutes after I arrive home, I hear the D2 pass.

The total distance between my apartment and the intersection of Wisconsin and M is 1.8 miles.

Based on these figures, estimate how many more months it will take me to realize that it is in all likelihood faster to walk to Georgetown, from my apartment, than it is to rely on DC public transportation?

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