Saturday, August 28, 2010

Conspicuous Absence? Not Really.

Previously, on absent postings on this blog, I was remiss to post anything because I was too busy writing content for Washington City Paper's Artsdesk Blog. Now, I have a new excuse.

The good news: I was recently hired as an Associate Professor at Prince George's Community College (PGCC) in Largo, Maryland.

The bad news: my writing for Washington City Paper, like this blog, will languish. CP will actually get more stuff from me because this blog does not pay (though, some might argue the pay at CP is almost like not getting paid... hey, they admit it too! So, it's not like I am revealing anything new.).

The worst news: my daughter is now in day care. Heart wrenching!

Future posts will mention upcoming shows or some thoughts (like the long overdue "how passing out buttons at Metro stations is art" posting... I have not forgotten). For now, know the following:

1. Three of my erased newspapers are in a show at Pittock Mansion, Portland, OR, through November.
2. I'll be installing "America's Grave," a collaborative work with Randall Packer first installed in 2006 at the Katzen, at Zero1 in San Jose, beginning September 11.
3. I'll be in the PGCC Faculty Show in October
4. I think the Post Conceptualist show is still on for March '11 at Univ. Maryland (organized by Mark Cameron Boyd).
5. I was in an exhibition at Healing Arts on U Street (DC), which comes down on Monday and Tuesday of next week.
6. Speaking of the gallery PGCC, you should check out the current National Sculpture show. The gallery is open until 8:00 Mon-Thur. In the words of Cartman, it is "pretty kick ass."

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