Monday, August 10, 2009

Strike when the Iron is Hot (and don't forget your camera)

Sometime last week I took a drive down Chain Bridge Road, past the cite of the Cafritz fire. Apart from my slight and morbid curiosity to see the remains of the house (which was heart-breaking to see), I was more curious to find the condition of the fire hydrants near by.

Driving further down the block - toward McArthur Blvd - I saw two fire hydrants were Out of Service (red collars), and (if memory serves me correctly) one had a Maintenance Requested collar. With fathering responsibilities superseding art creation, I had to leave documentation of these hydrants for another day.

That was supposed to be today.

Less than two weeks after the fire that destroyed Ms. Cafritz's home, every hydrant along that stretch of ChainBridge Road, including the two decrepit hydrants that were "Out of Order," have been replaced by shiny new hydrants. Apparently, they closed the road to complete the work; at the bottom of the hill were parking cones and a sign indicating such.

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