Monday, June 01, 2009

220. 221. Whatever It Takes.

My wife and I recently celebrated the birth of our daughter. As a result, next semester I am dialing back on my teaching load.

This past semester I taught four courses at four institutions (The Corcoran, American University, George Washington University and Prince George's Community College). This felt like my most grueling semester to date: 16 contact hours, 6 commute hours, 3 required office hours. Grading and prep were mostly manageable and I doubt I ever eclipsed a 50 hour work week from teaching. However the semester was interrupted by a convention in LA (Feb), interviews at two schools (Mar), and odds and ends participating in 5 exhibitions. (Meanwhile, I am getting work prepped for a sixth exhibition in July.)

To better define "dialing back," in the fall I will be teaching one class at one institution (two if I can find and accept a Saturday course). In essence, it will feel like a sabbatical. The rest of the time I will be Mr. Mom.

Significance: studio time!

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Pave the Whales said...

I look forward to seeing the results of studio time. I'll tell you that much right now.