Monday, February 16, 2009

Nothing Says I Love You Like a Flooded Studio.

Valentine's Day greeted Gretchen and I with a sewer that backed up into our toilet and tub, and eventually water found its way into the studio (the pipes to the bathtub are on the wall with the studio - I think that is how water found its way into the studio).

The damage probably amounted to only a few hundred dollars lost on supplies and past works. Honestly, when a collage from graduate school - assembled from trash - is damaged in a flood, does it really lose value? They were studies for paintings that have never been - and would (realistically) never have been - made. And, as I have found my interests moving elsewhere the last few years, it is only fitting that these relics of unrealized intentions and potential got washed away.

Water is a symbol of purification and rebirth -- even if dirtied by mud and God-knows-what-else.

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Pave the Whales said...

crap! glad it sounds like you didn't suffer much.