Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Web Page Returns

An announcement of little consequence: the website is up and functioning again. Minor edits have taken place, but the majority of the old visual content remains. On the list of to-dos is a massive overhaul and redesign of the site. If I have my act together, this blog will migrate to the website

At present I am backing up portions of my hard drive. My computer is, column by column, doing its best Barnett Newman imitation, which is now driving me batty. In April or May a pink stripe fell the height of the screen to the right of the apple. It was a peripheral line, one easy to ignore when working on a project - less so when watching a movie. By July or August, two more developed, one pierced the File Menu, the other landed between the wireless and volume. Needless to say, it was decided to then stop watching movies on this thing and to buy a television. (A first!) Five more lines have developed recently - four in the last two days.

Apple assures me this is not common. (groan) My first iMac may have been clunky and heavy in comparisson to the sleek flatscreen before me, and sure it had low memory, RAM, and storage compared to this whisper of a machine currently in front of me. However, I miss my old CRT -- and last I knew, it still works! It may not be capable of handling CS3, but at least the screen isn't pinstriped.

Is it really necessary to make technology the thickness of an After Eight chocolate dinner mint? Is this just some fetish our culture has? Our population is getting fatter, (shrug) but at least the technology is thinner. So is the life span of our gadgetry... and my patience with it.

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