Friday, March 21, 2008

Dumb Pondering

I don't pay attention to NCAA basketball. Or sports much, for that matter (it's been 14 years since the '94 MLB strike, so I should stop blaming it). And I don't have a TV.

I noticed that American University and George Mason University were in one bracket (are they called brackets?) of the Road to the Final Four, and that Georgetown University and University Maryland Baltimore County are in a different bracket. I thought, "well that's odd... I drive past Georgetown on my commute between American University and George Mason University. Why aren't they in the same bracket?"

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Pave the Whales said...

Hilariously, they're called "regionals". Each is 1/4 of the bracket. There's East, West, Midwest, and South. There isn't really a strong bearing on who is put where according to region, though they do try to accommodate the top seeds. UCLA is #1 in the West, Memphis #1 in the South, North Carolina #1 in the East, and Kansas #1 in the Midwest.