Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Spring Solos 2007 @ Arlington Arts Center

You can check out my post over at DCist
on the subject.

Up on deck:
Interview with Adrian Parsons on his recent performance at The Warehouse Gallery.
Video walk through of Artomatic with Lenny
More reviews for DCist

And grading. Lots of grading. Three classes end at GMU, one class at AU. This means I have a couple hundred papers to finish reading before next week, and about 90 student websites respectively.

Time to brew some coffee.

Updates 5/10/2007:
The Parsons thing never happened because he never got back to me on my questions. Bloggers... he's probably busy healing. Shame. I thought it could be an interesting interview. And I was only going to poke a tiny bit of fun at him because, afterall, he did circumcise himself in front of people with a pocket knife. It was the pocket knife that got me.

Lenny hasn't gotten back to me either. I'm guessing that project is dead. Another time.

Woo's comment in response to the above article is awesome!

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