Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Round and Round

With crossed fingers, a grant from DCCAH, and assistance from a school of architects in Charlotte, NC I am hoping to embark upon the construction of a few receptacles for the second installment of Gestalt, which will cover the event Multimediale. I have been trying to ascertain from whom I should ask for a permit from the city government so I can place these "vending machines" in the public sphere.

I called Surface Permits and they directed me to Jose Colon. However, Mr. Colon tells me he deals with driveways and retaining walls. He told me to call Sam Williams who deals with special events and vending for the Department of Consumer Regulatory Affairs. He's a little tough to get a hold of, so I dialed his assistant, Curtis Wise who deals specifically with vending. He told me to call the Department of Transportation for permission.

This afternoon I called DC DOT and spoke with Bill. He told me the person I need to speak with is Jose Colon...

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Pave the Whales said...

ha ha ha ha. cities rule.