Friday, June 23, 2006


Not often does the leviathan show himself. Captured here is beelzebozo, blind and grinning.

This capture is part of an ongoing project with the US Department of Art and Technology for the next installation of A Season in Hell. Whether this capture will be used in the final exhibit remains to be seen.

Rod Parsley, a dominionist pentecostal minister from Columbus, Ohio, has finished no theological training and is open about his disdain of formal Bible training. He believes that part of salvation is achieved through tithing and has pocketed much of the tithing of his 12,000 person congregation to purchase a private jet and to construct adjacent million dollar properties: one for his family and a second for his father. Parsley preaches against the "evils" of homosexuality, the separation of church and state, and Islam. He also provides the service of faith healer if the sum of cash is correct.

The false prophet is quite entertaining during his services. He preaches in voices. He struts and dances about. He mocks and ambles and jibes. His orchestra has the improvisational talents similar to that of Paul Schafer, accenting Parsley's skits and absurdities. And, when tithing, he reminds you how to spell thousands, enunciating each letter with exactitude.

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