Thursday, March 30, 2006

Note 2 Self

In a bus stop on Edmunds St and 41st, NW Washington, DC, I have finished installing an uncommissioned, temporary work of interactive public art. I am unaware if this is technically legal, but if people can tape signs advertising their garage sale or grocery store, then I should have the right to cover an entire bus stop in Post-It Notes.

The piece will exhibit from 1:00 this morning and run through about 11:00 AM EST.

The bus stop is an extension of our office space and our living room - the portal in between. Common in both locations are Post-It Notes, these convenient little yellow tabs (invented by my cousin Art Fry at 3M) remind us of the things we have yet to do and the things left undone. Consuming approximately 3000 Post-It Notes, they were adhered to craft paper so they could go up like wall paper and to possibly secure them through the duration of the installation to prevent liter. Attached solely to the inside of the bus stop intends to reinforce the idea of the internal environment of the work space and to also prevent further degradation from the elements. Pens were left behind so that commuters could contribute to the work during the duration of its installation.

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