Friday, February 24, 2006

Heike Baranowsky

The recent exhibition of Heike Baranowsky, at G Fine Art, is a grand exercise in banality. Her resume and the prices she is attempting to pan her videos off at are far more impressive than the work on exhibit. Five videos consume the space, with four photos tacked to the wall near next to the door. The videos consist of a landscape near Joshua tree where, if you stand around long enough, you might see a plane cross the sky; a tumbleweed dancing down the road in the desert - by far the most entertaining; a zepplin in slow motion; butterflies in even slower motion; and birds in the Illinois landscape. The flier on the work states that an unexpected dimension of geographical and political intrigue of hysteria and militarism is suggested by the four photos in the entry. Perhaps. It is a stretch and at best a lean away from art toward photo-editorialism.

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