Wednesday, January 16, 2008

300 MPG

I stumbled upon this while doing visual research for a client. While Bush moans to Abdullah about the price of oil, he should probably spend less time trying to influence the side of supply and do more to encourage or introduce legislation that modifies and controls the demand. Besides, the selling price of a barrel of crude does not give a clear picture of how that crude is processed, according to this link (some of it gets rendered into asphalt and tar), or how that cost/barrel breaks down for the (American) consumer at the pump. For instance, what is the cost to refine, how much does the oil company add to the profit margin, and how much is the gasoline taxed?

Despite how encouraging it is to know there will be a hybrid car that gets 300mpg available to the market by 2009 (for just under $30,000), they built and tested it in So. California. How would the same car do in Duluth or Bangor during the winter months?

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