Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Farewell Honda Civic

Today my wife and I bid farewell to our Honda Civic SI. The little hatchback has served us well for the last three years when Gretchen bought it in Michigan shortly before our marriage and move to DC. With the backseats down, the vehicle was a tremendous art mover. Though a little car, it had a trunk width of 44" between the tire wells and a depth of 50+" with the seats moved up.

What does this mean? When I make paintings in the next few years, I have to consider canvas size. Despite it seeming like an arbitrary factor, it is really something as pertinent as color. Art, like anything else, is a business. Renting a car or van to move a work costs money. So does using color. There are rational reasons why so many artists of the 17th and 18th centuries used "brown sauce" to construct their masterpieces. 1) Some were not aided (or consistently aided) by the coffers of the church, 2) the brown pigments from iron and ore were readily available, 3) and they were less expensive than some brilliant red hue created from the shells of beetles found in Madagascar. This doesn't prohibit me from going bigger (or using bugs, for that matter), it just makes me aware of the consequences.

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