Saturday, March 10, 2007

Of all the days to forget my pencil!

Teaching five classes between three schools (six if you count the independent study I instruct at AU) leaves very little time for me to do what a research one facility might classify as "my own work."

The objective for my portfolio preparation students at the Corcoran today was simple: set up the mirror so that you can draw yourself and objects behind you. This way they could accomplish self-portraiture, still life and perspective within one composition. I demonstrated what I expected, and mentioned that if two of them paired up they could also get an additional figure into their composition with no added cost and no money down. I then left the room and let them figure out how to compose their space.

When I returned I found they had situated mirrors in such a manner so they could draw themselves front and back, sitting between the two mirrors. (Only a few of my students showed up with the rest playing hooky to take SAT exams.) I joined in on the fun armed only with a ballpoint pen and my sketchbook. Not an easy composition for students that are sixteen, but no one gave up despite the sighs and groans of fighting to get things right. Interestingly, they have a lot more heart than many of the college students I have taught in studio courses. I suppose they're not yet jaded.

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