Sunday, January 29, 2006

10 Year Reunion

News of the infamous ten year reunion has recently arrived in my in-box, and I don't think I could be any less thankful. There has been a website developed for class of '96ers to log-on, fill out a few tidbits, and potentially submit ideas for the festivities to be held at the end of the summer. So far 19 of 321 have registered, some unlikely candidates I might add, and no ideas have been tossed about so far. Which is just as well.

But two reality checks have come to mind with this recent event. The first is acknowledging that ten years has gone by. the voice of Jeremy Piven is in the back of my head from Grosse Point Blank. "TEN YEARS! MAN!" To my knowledge none of my classmates has become an assassin, and I certainly don't have a fear of pens. But that isn't quite the point. Thirty is around the corner. Forty may be soon to follow. The last ten at times have seemed like long, but in retrospect have become the cliche blink of an eye. I hate cliches.

The other reality check is a question: am I where I want to be? The answer is yes and no. The no largely hinders onjob moreso than anything else. I'm not a full time artist or professor or graphic designer and I would like to be at least one of those within the next six months! But, more to the point, ten years is the second milestone of acknowledgement, the first occurring four years ago. Back then I was reading obituaries every Thursday night, to people who were visually impaired, over a radio service at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois. If you ever are or have ever been 23, with two college degrees, stuck waiting tables while living back home with your parents - as I was - the least uplifting thing to read on a weekly basis is the obituary of every person who has died within a fifty mile radius of your home. But it certainly is motivational. I began to ask myself what I wanted my obit to read when I kicked off, and I certainly did not want my last words to include "would you like fries, chips or cole slaw?"

So four years later, another college degree, married, and working in the general field of interest that I wanted to be working in all along. Am I where I want to be? No. Am I on the right track? Yes. Does my obit read how I want it to? Not yet... unless I edit it just right.